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lien | Taíno Kids’ Books by Casa Areyto

Casa Areyto's children's books are for kids aged 0 to 8 years old and promote learning the Taíno language and culture. Our books take an interdisciplinary approach to develop language skills (Spanish, English, and Taíno), historical understanding, and appreciation for our Indigenous heritage. Additionally, they strengthen children's cultural identity and self-esteem through rhyming stories and full-color illustrations. Help kids connect with the natural world, hone observational and other skills, all while learning the Taíno language! See all three rhyming stories:

A Twisty Vine
A Starry Night
If I Could...

Ages: 0-8
Languages: English, Spanish, Taíno
Topics: gardening, environment, astronomy, bedtime, jobs, professions, self-esteem
Bonus features: glossary, activities, Taíno dictionary, fun facts