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lien | Pitkern | Children’s audiobook (also called Pitcairn-Norfolk; Pitcairnese; Norf’k)

Audiobook Cover 141

#141 in the Bilingual Legends series: This book is in both English & the Pitkern/Norf'k creole.

James Porter was a convict who needed a way out of Tasmania. But he never stole a ship, did he?

This historical fiction is based upon the true story of James Porter and his companions, convicts who escaped from Tasmania to South America. Once caught, they devised an unexpected way of avoiding a hanging by exploiting a legal loophole that meant that they weren't technically pirates.

A mix of adventure and suspense with a little humour thrown in, this book is sure to engage reluctant young readers. Its strong focus upon the exploits of men finding their way out of trouble will be of particular interest to boys.

The book is available through a variety of sellers, including AbeBooks:

The e-book is available through Reinlesen:

The audiobook in Pitkern/Norf'k is only available through Soundwise:

The audiobook in English is only available through Soundwise:

ISBN: 9781922758149 (print book)
ISBN: 9781922758194 (ebook)