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lien | “Indigenous ethnic groups of Sakhalin”

Culture and history are invisible threads connecting the past with the future. The transfer of cultural experience is extremely important in today's dynamically developing society. The Sakhalin region became home to many peoples: Tonchi, Ainu, Nivkh, Evenki, Uilta, Nanais lived here. Representatives of a large number of peoples live in the region even now. Which of them are indigenous?
Indigenous peoples, according to the world terminology used by the United Nations, are those who lived on any territory before the establishment of the State borders that now exist there. Federal Law No. 82-FZ of 30.04.1999 "On Guarantees of the Rights of Indigenous Small-numbered Peoples of the Russian Federation" defines indigenous small-numbered peoples of the Russian Federation as "peoples living in the territories of traditional settlement of their ancestors, preserving traditional lifestyles, farming and crafts, numbering less than 50 thousand people in the Russian Federation and realizing themselves as independent ethnic communities".
Currently, a little more than 4 thousand representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Sakhalin region live on the territory of the Sakhalin region: Nivkhs, Uilta, Evenks, Nanais. These peoples belong to the Indigenous Small Peoples of the North (KMNS). 56 ancestral farms and communities are registered on the island, located in places of traditional residence and traditional economic activity.
This resource is dedicated to the indigenous peoples of Sakhalin who currently live on the island, as well as who lived and left a deep mark in the history of the Sakhalin region. The materials of the site are replenished.
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