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The screening of the laboratory theater project “Nivkhgu” will be held in Korsakov

Sakhalin Regional Folk Art Center invites you to visit the laboratory theater project “Nivkhsu” on March 4 at 14:00, which will be shown at the Korsakov Children’s Art School.

The production is based on the motives of four fairy tales–stories of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North of the Sakhalin region, passed down from generation to generation. Viewers will be able to empathize with the hunter Tevrin and the orphan girl, dislike the evil stepmother, admire the mountain beauty and laugh at the call of the cuckoo. The strangeness of the production, live music, the play of the actors will give free rein to imagination and imagination – everyone present will be able to feel in the place of the characters and independently think out each story.

“Nivkhsu” is a deep immersion of viewers into certain artificially formed conditions that allow them to get acquainted with the culture and way of life of the indigenous peoples of the North with interest.

The director of the play is actor, director, specialist of the Sakhalin Regional Center of Folk Art Alexander Li.